Spring Cookies!

On the final afternoon and evening of Elias and Simon’s visit with their cousins, we made sugar cookies and decorated them. I try to do this with Elias two or three times a year at least, and it was fun to do with more helping hands.

Elias and Audrey were interested through the entire process. Sonya wasn’t much impressed with the dough making or cookie cutting process, but when the time for making frosting and decorating came, she jumped right in. It was fun and cute to see all of the kids’ creations.

Here are Audrey and Elias preparing the dough for cutting. It was fun for me to work with someone who can actually roll the dough. I had to help Audrey a couple times to get the dough even, but for the most part she did a really excellent job. I have much to look forward to in just a few short years!

P1170274We made a bunch of flowers and butterflies and bunnies and eggs, but Audrey wanted to make a cookie in the shape of her hand. I thought it was such a cute idea, and I would never have thought of it. I used a knife to cut around her hand. Then, she did the same for Elias. Cute!

P1170277Look at what a mess my child can make! Flour flour everywhere!

P1170278We took a break after baking for dinner. Then we came back to make homemade frosting. Here is Audrey mixing in the color with Elias and Sonya watching on.

P1170288The three kids had a lot of fun decorating. Look at this intense focus!

P1170289Simon didn’t get to decorate, but he had fun nonetheless because I let him eat a few chocolate chips and a few butterscotch chips. What a treat!

P1170297Here is Elias decorating his hand cookie. Look at that minimal frosting. He is my child through and through.

P1170301Taste the goodness. After all the hard work, Sonya is rewarded. She actually usually doesn’t like frosting so it was fun to see her try it!

P1170309I will probably be finding sprinkles in my kitchen for months. But it was worth it as always. What a fun way to spend time together.

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