The 85 Tulips

Nathan and I wanted to make sure to get down to the Tulip Festival in Woodburn this year. We have really enjoyed it the last two years, and this weekend looked like it might have been our only chance. We packed a picnic, and headed down I-5 after church toward the tulips. It was a beyond gorgeous day…and a lot of other people had our same idea. Nathan ended up jumping out of the car while we were stopped in traffic and grabbing our picnic lunch to eat in the car. The only good thing about the long car ride was that Simon got a longer nap. He was pretty sick.

Eventually, we made it, found a parking spot, and started trekking to the fields. On the way, I asked Elias how many tulips he thought there would be. He replied, “I don’t know, I guess we’ll see.” So I asked him if he thought there would be more than 100. He said, “No, there will be 85. The whole rest of the day as we viewed the fields, he said there were 85 tulips. What a cutie.

I took way too many pictures of my boys amongst the tulips. I think I took about 100. No exaggeration. The tulips were so beautiful, the day was so beautiful, and we were just enjoying being together. Don’t worry, I have painstakingly narrowed them down here for this post. So without further ado….our tulips trip in pictures:

Once he saw the fields, Elias got very excited. He ran right up to the flowers and pointed out his favorites. He was drawn to yellows a lot.

P1170341 P1170348I helped Elias take this picture:

P1170328We had Simon in the ergo at first to keep him contained. We didn’t want to do any damage to the flowers. He was quite unhappy in there, however, especially since he could see his brother romping around. So we let him out…and tried to wrangle him/herd him/keep him out of trouble…we were partially successful.

P1170375P1170396 P1170403Elias got very into it. Here he is smelling a flower.

P1170390And pretending to eat one….

P1170413And gazing off into the beauty of God’s creation…

P1170411Like I said before, Simon was pretty sick. We found out the next day that he had another double ear infection. But I think he still had a good time.

P1170414Family shot.

P1170420Simon is trying to come and steal my camera:

P1170423The view of the mountain was also gorgeous. Here are a couple different angles.

P1170426 P1170452And Elias again….

P1170442After this, Elias had finally had enough. He wanted to see more, but was too tired to walk any longer. I wore him in the ergo. Simon was majorly jealous so I ended up carrying them both for awhile. Daddy made me stop for a picture. Look how satisfied they are with themselves.

P1170458And one last picture…Daddy and Simon shortly before we started the trek back to the car.

P1170462I am super excited because this year we can order some bulbs for our yard. Of all the beautiful plants we have, there are no tulips! We are thinking of yellow for Elias and Nathan wants purple. What a fun day! One that is especially nice to remember on a dreary day like today!


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  1. Renee says:

    What a gorgeous day. It looks like you guys had a fantastic time! My guess is that you took 85 photos 😉

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