Zoo Trip With Cousins!

It was fun to go to the zoo with our family this week. Elias not only has a great time with his cousins, but he seems to take more risks when he is with them. During a normal zoo trip, he refuses to go through the tunnel/slide in the northwest, and refuses to climb on the lion statues. It was fun to see him get out of his shell a bit. Here was our zoo trip in a few pictures:

Can you tell he is nervous? But he is trying it…that is what is important here!

P1170122Cousin love during our stop for a picnic.

P1170132Simon and Nana clapping.

P1170135Viewing the elephants from afar during construction.

P1170152Sonya and Elias were more interested in a leaf.

P1170153Elias’ zoolander look as we stopped for a snack.

P1170165The three musketeers.


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