Simon and Mommy Date

Today was Elias’ last day of preschool for the year. Before preschool started in January, I had a lot of grand plans for what I was going to do with those two hours. I thought Simon and I would get to spend so much quality time together one on one. What did I actually do with the time? Most weeks I drug him around on errand after errand. He was a good sport about it, but it wasn’t fun. I did get a few play dates in there….but mostly just errands.

So I was feeling a little bit sad and a little bit guilty last night when I realized it was my last chance until September. So off to the zoo we went! Man was it crowded! But it was fun nonetheless.

I am always surprised when I am one on one with one of the boys at how relaxed I feel. I never felt so relaxed when Elias was the only child, and I certainly don’t feel so relaxed when I am alone with both boys. But just one? A piece of cake! It was so much fun just focusing on Simon and what he wanted to see and do for a little over an hour. Here are some pictures from our mommy son date:

Notice how perfectly I angled this shot…with the sleeping sea lion poking out right between our heads.

P1170875I think Simon’s favorite were the Cheetahs. In this picture they are sleeping, but they were up before I took this shot.

P1170879Oh these cheeks! I love these cheeks!

P1170880And….he’s already ready to explore off on his own…leaving me behind.

P1170885Simon earned his first skinned knee at the zoo this morning as well. Luckily it isn’t too bad.


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