Fathers Day Tradition!

Last week we had a great Fathers Day, but the celebration wasn’t complete until today when we went on our annual Fathers Day swim. I had Nathan choose a Fathers Day tradition in Elias’ first year. He chose to go swimming at the pool. We’ve done it every year since. Last week, Nathan had a double header softball game and we had a church picnic so we couldn’t go swimming. Today it was!


We really had a blast swimming today. The swimming lessons have really been paying off! Elias was underwater practically the whole time. He wanted to practice floats, jump off the side, and go down the big slide! Simon loved the slide as well. He kept pointing at the slide and saying “side! side! side!” We went to Conestoga Rec. Center, which has a warmer temperature pool which also made it a lot of fun. We had to be kicked out at the end of open swim rather than leaving on our own like usual.

When we got home, it was dinner time, and both the boys were super tired. I put on our Disneyland sing along movie for them to watch while I made dinner. The looks on their faces are kind of scary…it’s why they don’t watch too much t.v. But a little bit can be fun. Poor Elias opened his eyes underwater so much that they were really bothering him from the chlorine. Hopefully they are good as new tomorrow!


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