Soccer Mini League!

Although Nathan is pretty much trying to indoctrinate our children with the belief that soccer is evil, he recognizes the fact that allowing them to try lots of different things while young is important. So…while I was looking for a t-ball opportunity for Elias this summer, I happened across a soccer mini league for three and four year olds through THPRD. It is simply five weeks, one hour a week, where the kiddos just go run around and have fun, and hopefully learn something about soccer. I signed Elias up!

Elias has had very little exposure to soccer, so he knew next to nothing before his first soccer night. He was very nervous at first, and refused to join the other kids. But luckily, Elias’ friend Dom is also in the soccer league, and they got on the same team. My friend Korie offered to take a picture of Elias in his team shirt, and something just clicked. He was ready for fun. You can see he has been crying here, but he is ready for fun!

P1180210After the pictures, Elias went over to stretch and warm up with his team mates.

P1180216Everyone got to practice making goals. Here is Elias first one!

P1180226At some point, Elias became overwhelmed again…probably by having so many new people and skills at the same time. He started crying and we could never quite calm him down enough to get him to participate again. So he just watched the scrimmage his team had with the green team. Maybe next week! Watching the kiddos kick and chase the ball was both adorably cute and hilarious. It was a lot of fun! Go Blue Thunder!

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