Stamping Fun!

A few days ago, I told Elias that it was time to make a birthday card for his friend Ramsey. I gave him a few options for art supplies he could use. He chose stamps. We hadn’t gotten out the stamps in awhile, and Simon has never been allowed to try the stamps so I thought that it was an excellent idea.

I got out all of the materials, and stepped back a bit to watch.

Elias chose the train stamp because Ramsey loves trains. He went pounding away from ink to paper. Simon watched a bit. He put a few stamps in his mouth. He dug his fingers in the ink pad. And he watched Elias.

Elias noticed Simon watching him and being unsuccessful with the stamps. So Elias took it upon himself to teach Simon about the stamps. It was one of the most touching moments I have witnessed between the two. Elias showed Simon how to use the rubber side. He showed him how to press it on the ink, how to press it on the paper, and how to lift your hand way up in the air when you are done. I, of course, snapped a bunch of pictures.

Simon was not much more successful after Elias’ lessons. But that is not what is important here. It’s the thought that counts. What fun!

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