Strawberries and Fun With Friends

My MOMS club had an outing planned to Baggenstos Farm today so that the kiddos could get in their first berry picking of the season. (Other than our own yard of course). For various reasons, it turned out that just Elias, Simon, and their friend Max were able to go. (Along with the mommies of course). Elias was very excited when I told him we were going to go berry picking with Max. We packed a picnic lunch and headed out.

Neither of the boys nor I had ever been strawberry picking before except for our few starts out in the backyard. I was reminded of all the stories my mom told me of strawberry picking in her childhood. Catching the bus to the field. Getting tickets. Tasting the goodness.

Strawberry picking was a lot of fun! The boys had a great time, the weather held out, and we left with some sweet juicy berries!

Here is Elias proud of his first few picks. You can see Simon in the background already eating a berry….

P1180085Elias and Max had to compare berries.

P1180098Simon showed off some ninja moves while navigating the rows.

P1180104Look at this concentration. This focus. Picking berries is intense work!

P1180108 P1180116After we purchased our berries, we played on the playground for a bit.

P1180132The boys also enjoyed looking at the goats and chickens.

P1180146At the end we ate our picnic lunch. Elias was so excited to eat his berries. He talked about it the whole car ride home. Here he is finally picking some out to eat!


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