Car Wash!

P1190208Our car has been needing a wash for awhile now. This afternoon after nap time, I thought it would be a fun idea since it was pretty warm outside. We got out all of the car wash gear, pulled the car out of the garage, and got to work. Simon wasn’t into it in the beginning, but he warmed up at the end. Elias, however, absolutely loved it. He tried the sponge, the rag, the brush, and of course, the hose (which he soaked me with on multiple occasions).

P1190215It was a fun way to spend a warm afternoon.

Being a new homeowner, though, I must have made a rookie mistake. I kept the car in the driveway during washing so that I could be sure the boys would be safe. I didn’t want them in the street. Unfortunately, we must have an ant colony living underneath our driveway that became flooded with all of the car wash water. After we finished the wash, I noticed a huge swarm of ants all over our driveway and moving into our garage. My first thought was of all of the cracker crumbs in the car seats and I quickly pulled the car out onto the street to remove the temptation from the ants. Can you imagine ants in the car seat? We closed the garage door, and the ants stopped coming into the garage for the time being. Hopefully their home either dries out or they find another one far away from our house.


Washing the car with the boys was fun but lesson learned! Next time we’ll wash the car when both Mommy and Daddy are home so we can wash it in the street and have extra eyes on the boys!

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