Our Four Year Old!

Today was Elias’ 4th birthday. For some reason, four doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. But the thought that I will have a five year old on my hands only one year from now really freaks me out!

It is amazing to think how much Elias has changed in the last year. He really has grown and matured a lot. One year ago he was still in diapers. He was not able to express himself nearly as well. He cried almost every time I forced him to interact with other kids his age. He had hardly even touched Simon. He had so many issues that worried me. Now he is potty trained, his language is amazing, and he is a confident little boy who loves school and his friends (and his brother I might add!) It is times like this I just have to stop and be so thankful for everything that is going so well, and embrace what is not because I love this little boy for who he is and not who I want him to be.

This morning when I started to hear Elias stirring, I went into his room and found him laying in his rocking chair as normal. I leaned over and gave him a birthday hug and kiss. I told him happy birthday and that I love him and that he is four now. He smiled and stretched and said, “Is it time for school yet?” I was looking for more of an “I love you too” or a “yeah I’m four!” but “Is it time for school yet” will do. I’m so glad he loves it!

We got ready for preschool. I snapped a picture of Elias before we left. Simon kept yelling “cheese! cheese!” in the background so I let him be in the picture too.


Because it was Elias’ birthday, he got to be snack boy and bring a special treat. He also got to be the special helper. Mrs. Kimball gave him a special hat to wear. Simon and I left him at school knowing he was in good hands. When we got home, I took a picture of him in his special hat.

P1190843From there we had just a normal afternoon at home. We had lunch. We did quiet time. I let Elias watch a little bit of Toy Story 3. Then Daddy got home a little bit early because he had worked late yesterday. We decided to let Elias open his presents from us and from his Aunt and Uncle as well as his teacher!

P1190845After he opened his presents, we told him he had time to play with one before we had to leave for our birthday activities. He chose the tennis racket. Elias kept trying to use it like a baseball bat so we’ll have to let him watch some tennis or take him to the tennis courts. But he had fun just experimenting!

P1190854Next we hurried off to the swimming pool. We arrived a bit late due to late afternoon traffic so the front desk lady even let us in for free! What a birthday treat! Elias absolutely loves swimming and had a blast.

After swimming, we took Elias out to Red Robin. He had his standard: grilled cheese and apples.

P1190858Simon is such a ham. As I was trying to take pictures of the birthday boy, he kept saying “cheese!” so I had to get one of him too.

P1190859The people at Red Robin sang to Elias. He seemed a little nervous about all the attention.

P1190860Elias doesn’t actually like ice cream…or whipped cream…and I’m sure he would have liked the chocolate sauce but he refused to try any. So Nathan, Simon, and I ate the sundae, and Elias ate some M&M’s I had in the diaper bag.

When we got home, Elias had some mail waiting for him! He received cards from Uncle Greg and Auntie Shaina, Great Grandma Smith, and Nana!

P1190863Elias had been asking about blowing out birthday candles all day. So just before bath and bed time, we got out the candles. I didn’t make any cupcakes or anything because he had some at his party with his friends, but I thought he should get something a little special. I stuck four candles in a piece of bread just so they would stay, and got him two hershey kisses. He enjoyed our birthday serenade and happily blew out the candles.

P1190867I love this boy!

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