They’re Growing Too Fast!

Elias will be four soon, and Simon is now 19 months. I decided it was time for some more portraits. The boys both cooperated pretty well and we got some great shots. They are growing too fast. I don’t have babies anymore.

One of the things I wanted to capture with these portraits was Simon’s hair. I know we can’t keep the curls forever, but I want them as long as possible. Nathan has been bothering me to cut them off for months. I have refused. He has threatened to cut them off on a boys night when I am out volunteering or something. I told him that I needed to at least get some portraits first. So…I don’t have that excuse anymore. Come on, people! I need your help! I need Nathan bombarded with “Keep The Curls” messages!

Here they are in all their cuteness:

boys 1 boys 2 elias 1 elias 2 simon 1 simon 2

fmaily 1 family 2And here’s one more just for fun. Nathan got me a frame for our 8th anniversary back in May and told me he wanted a portrait of just the two of us, so we got one of those too.


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