The Moustache

I’ve made it no secret that I prefer Nathan not to have a moustache. Moustaches are so prickly and yucky. I always tell him when he gives me a hard time that I am going to put a piece of sand paper on my upper lip and see how much he enjoys kissing me. It’s all a joke between us, but I’ve received a triumph beyond measure in the last couple of days.

You see…Simon is learning all of his body parts. He’s not necessarily saying all the words yet, but he definitely knows them. If you ask him to point to nose or eyes or hair or neck or chin, etc, he can do so. The other day, Nathan was playing the body part game with Simon, and Simon was correctly pointing out Nathan’s ears and eyes. Then, out of nowhere, Simon pointed to Nathan’s upper lip and said, “Owie! owie! owie!”

It was awesome.

I guess I may have taken it too far talking about how Nathan’s moustache hairs are scratchy!

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  1. janet says:

    Encourage Nathan to let the mustache grow a bit longer — it gets less prickly – a lot less prickly. I remember seeing my husband’s shaven face maybe 45 years ago when he was a sophomore in college. I think that is the fall when he let his beard grow. We got married a couple years later. The only time the mustache prickles is right after he has trimmed it to a fairly close length. (Think of it as a trade off for Simon’s curls staying a little while longer…..)
    (Maybe loan him a little hair conditioner, too?)

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