My Super Heroes

P1200836Usually I post about my craft projects over on The Attic (my other blog), but since this concerns the kiddos I’ll write it here instead.

A few weeks ago I came across a picture of a cute superhero cape for kids, and I thought I could probably duplicate it. I did some measuring, and a whole lot of guessing, and then took the boys to the fabric store. Elias chose some colors for both him (red and yellow) and for Simon (red and lime green), and then I got to work after the boys were in bed.

First I decided on a pattern, and marked the fabric. Then I got to cutting. Next, I drew the letters on a piece of paper and used that as a pattern for the felt. I used a large dinner plate for a pattern for the white circle. I sewed the two colors right sides together, turned it right side out, and added some velcro to finish it off.

The capes took probably two and a half hours total for both of them, but I didn’t work on them all at once so even though I started a few weeks ago, I just finished them today.

The boys love their capes! I made them large so they’d last for years to come. Making stuff by hand is the best! It’s way more fun than finding a cape at the store.

Here is Elias enjoying his cape:

P1200825And Simon running around the house letting his cape trail behind him:


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