AWANA Awards Night

Tonight was Elias’ AWANA awards night. We got to celebrate all of the hard work all of the kiddos have done memorizing their verses throughout the year. We’ve been so thankful for this program and the leaders who have made it possible. Elias attended AWANA at Harvest Community Church, down the street from our house. They were so welcoming even though it is not our home church. Elias loved it and was very excited to go each week. I think he doesn’t realize he has to wait all the way to September to go again even though I’ve tried to explain it.

Our evening started with a yummy dinner. Elias even tried some watermelon. Of course…he gagged on it, but he went back in for more. It was quite surprising, but stranger things have happened.

After dinner, there were fun games and activities. There was a prize wheel, lots of play structures, a bouncy house, and more. We waited in the balloon line for a long time. Elias asked for a hat. He got quite an interesting one! An alien hat.

P1220078 P1220079After games and fun was the award ceremony. The cubbies started out by reciting their key verse, “God loved us and sent His son.” Here is Elias up in front:

P1220084Then individual awards were given out. Elias received patches for his vest, a certificate, and a special ribbon for completing every verse in his book.

P1220088 P1220090We are proud, and he is proud of himself. What fun!

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