Our Grand Adventure – Part II – The First Look at the Falls

After such a long travel day, what did we have in store for us when we woke up the next morning? More travel! We rented a car and drove to Niagara Falls! The drive is only about four hours from Cleveland. The boys did really well in the car for the first three hours, but we were glad that my parents had loaned us their ipads for the last hour or so.

P1220167We drove through the very top tip of Pennsylvania, and a bit of New York. I had never been in either of those states. The scenery was pretty but a bit repetitive. Deciduous trees. Lots of deciduous trees. Although, there was a long stretch of the New York thruway in which the entire first row of trees along the freeway was just dead. It was very creepy and made me dub New York as “The Land of Dead Trees.” I’m sure that’s not all there is, but it’s what we saw.

Before crossing into Canada, we decided to see the falls from the American side. We had heard from many people that the Canadian side is much better, but we still wanted to see it. Plus the boys needed a break from the car! The day was overcast so we didn’t get the most beautiful pictures, but the falls were just as majestic as ever, I’m sure.

Here is our first view, standing next to the river just above horseshoe falls.

P1220172We wandered around looking at the falls from different angles.

P1220187The boys really enjoyed looking at the falls, the tour boats down below, and most of all running around.

Who can look at the falls when there are rocks to jump off of?

P1220213Or wet ground to get dirty from?

P1220218Here is our first view of the American Falls.

P1220203Walking around the state park was great. We got to stretch our legs and see such beautiful sights. There was hardly anyone even there.

P1220223However, it was quickly approaching dinner time, and we still had to cross the border, get to our hotel, and get all the luggage inside before finding something for dinner. Luckily, the border crossing was uneventful, and we made it to our hotel.

We stayed at the Embassy Suites and had a gorgeous view of the falls right from our room.

P1220232P1220235We were glad to finally be at our destination. We were looking forward to a few fun days in Canada!

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