Our Grand Adventure – Part IV – Pennsylvania

Our adventure continued on the shores of Lake Erie. We wanted the boys to be able to dip their toes in the water. The beaches were closed for just a few more days until Memorial Day, but we didn’t actually want to swim anyway. Just dip our toes. The day was beautifully sunny, but there was a pretty frigid wind coming off the lake. And the lake itself was absolutely freezing. But dip our toes in the water we did!


I was a little worried with no sand toys and no swimming that the boys would get bored. That was silly of me! With rocks and sticks around, who needs toys? The boys hunted out the best rocks to throw into the waves.

P1220506 P1220513Everyone got into it.

P1220496After playing on the beach we found a nice park with a playground for a picnic. The boys had fun testing their skills on the big boy play equipment.

P1220532 P1220534Next, we drove down to Pittsburgh to catch a Pirates game. Nathan has always wanted to see PNC Park.


The boys really enjoyed watching the game, and got a kick out of shouting “Let’s Go Bucs!”

P1220545 P1220555 P1220563Unfortunately, we didn’t get to witness a Pirates win, but we stayed eight innings and got to witness many home runs, including one that cleared the entire park! We got back to the hotel extremely late and tried to rest up before the next leg of our trip…Ohio and my brother’s wedding!

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