A Bit of Down Time and Father’s Day Traditions

We’ve been go, go, go for days and days now. There are always ebbs and flows in life, and recently I’ve really felt in over my head. To top it all off, I start work on Monday so cue crazed mommy!

Because it is Fathers Day this weekend and because it is my last weekend before starting work, we decided to schedule in some down time this weekend. We got to go to a fun birthday party in the morning, get in some outside play and a leisurely lunch. Then, we went on our annual Father’s Day weekend tradition…swimming!

We went to the Conestoga Rec Center, which has a pool with a warmer temp, water features, and a water slide. All four of us had a blast. Both of the boys said they loved going down the slide the best. Elias went down all on his own, and Simon could be heard giggling on mine or Nathan’s lap all the way down the slide!

Here are my boys in their annual before-swimming pose.

P1230041My boys are so lucky to have a Daddy who chooses a Father’s Day tradition that we can all participate in together.

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