The Van

I’d guess that the number one response to people finding out I am pregnant this time around is, “So are you going to try again for a girl?” I know three boys will not be without its challenges. But hardly anyone recognizes how many fun and wonderful moments it will bring us. I’m thrilled to be having three boys. I do have to admit I pine after the dresses and flowery headbands and things. But I want this baby, and truthfully, this isn’t the easiest pregnancy and how can I say I will try for another before this baby even arrives? So if you see me…don’t ask me if I’m going to have a fourth! (End of rant).

The second thing people who really knew us said was….”You’re going to need a bigger car.” Now that was the truth if I’ve ever heard it. We had one car. A Toyota Corolla. We love that car, but let’s face it…it doesn’t fit three car seats. So we saved and saved.

A little over a week ago, we went to buy our mini van. Yes. We’ve joined the ranks of mini van owners. And we love it! The boys are thrilled with the space and the automatic sliding doors which they can operate with a button. I made Nathan test out the doors before we bought it to be sure little limbs would not get caught in the doors. The salesman made fun of us for this, but I felt it was important. The van has so much space! But best of all…it will fit our whole family!

It even (barely) fits in the garage!

P1230389Look at this cargo space!

P1230390When baby number 3 arrives we’ll have to have at least one seat in the back row up, but even then….this is pretty amazing!

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  1. janet says:

    Congratulations on the new van. Good for you for checking on the doors and small limbs. I have a finger I caught 30+ years ago in the first automatic roll up car window I encountered. The finger still reminds me of that accident. sigh.

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