The Booger Diaries

I only have experience raising boys, so mothers of girls please correct me if I’m wrong…but something tells me that the booger diaries are something only a mother of boys would need to keep.

Lately, Elias has a new fascination with his nose. He knows he is supposed to put boogers in a tissue, but as you’ll see, they don’t always make it there. I was collecting so many booger stories, I thought I’d write down a few for some laughs down the road. While they may make me cringe now, I’m sure they’re mild compared to some of the gross things the boys will do in the future.

Story #1
Setting: Driving in the van

Elias: “Don’t worry, mom, I threw it out the window”
Me: (Thinking…what in the world? None of the windows are open….) “What did you throw out the window?”
Elias: “The booger.”

Story #2
Setting: Preschool parking lot

Elias: “No one will find it”
Me: “No one will find what?“Elias: “The booger. I put it in the street.”

Story #3
Setting: At home

Elias: “Can people get down there?” (pointing into the heating vent in the floor)
Me: “No….why?”
Elias: “Oh…I guess I don’t need a kleenex, then.
Me: “Did you put a booger down there?”
Elias: “Yes.”

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