Life As A Family of Five

Well, things are a lot different around here since the last time I posted. We are now proud parents of three healthy boys. Caleb is now four days old, and he’s spent half of his life at home!

Everyone asks how I am doing. Well…considering I just had major surgery/gave birth a few days ago I’d say I’m doing remarkably well. I haven’t even had any serious hormone induced cry fests yet (although I have felt like it a couple times to be honest). But compared to how I normally feel…I’m doing pretty gosh darn awful. All of the pain and discomfort is temporary, though, and I keep reminding myself of that as I start to feel sorry for myself, and just try to enjoy the time I have with all five of us at home together.

Saturday morning was the first morning we all woke up together in the same house. The older boys let us off easy and both slept in until 8. I don’t think that had ever happened before. I consider myself lucky, but also have made note that this whole situation must be affecting them more than it appears if they are so tired. They’ve both had their moments, but they really are doing great. They don’t like it when Caleb cries (who does?), and I can tell they sometimes feel whatever the five and two year old versions of annoyed are when I can’t put Caleb down or when they discover their bedtime routine is now different. I got a heartbreaking side long glance from Elias when I left his room the other night carrying Caleb.

But the boys have each other, and that is probably one of the best parts. On Saturday morning Nathan and I were both busy, and I realized that I had better check on Elias and Simon. I found them together on Elias’ bed. Elias was reading stories to Simon. How sweet is that?

20151128_091617We even all got outside to play on Saturday afternoon in the sun. Elias and Simon made leaf piles and jumped in them while Caleb and I just got a bit of sun. It felt good to get some fresh air. Caleb even got to meet a couple of his neighbors for the first time.

20151128_140653Nights have been rough for me, but Nathan is starting to get some sleep now so that is a good thing. Today, Nathan took the boys to church and I just stayed home to sleep. Here was my view for two and a half hours as we napped on the couch. (My actual view was the inside of my eyelids…but you get the picture).

20151129_103545Today we took it pretty easy again. Caleb had a bit more awake/alert time so Elias and Simon were able to “play” with him a bit more. Elias always wants Caleb to look at him and doesn’t understand why his eyes are almost always closed.

We are super spoiled as well. We’ve had wonderful dinners brought to us each night so we don’t have to cook. Look at our meal tonight!

20151129_172204It was so delicious, and we’ll have leftovers for a long time. Nathan was thrilled about the pie for dessert as well. I think this pretty much puts all of the meal train meals I’ve ever provided to shame.

In the evening, Caleb tried out his bouncer chair for the first time. He wasn’t too impressed, but I think at this point the only thing he is impressed with is the arms of a loved one so that is fine.


Everything is new and hard for us right now, but we don’t have that same panicked feeling we did the previous times. Life is chugging along and will get better each day as we recover and discover what life together will look like for us. A big thank you to everyone who has been praying and thinking of us, bringing us food, helping with the boys, and more.

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