Brother Love

We’ve got three boys. Three brothers. Every time I see Elias and Simon playing together I imagine what it will be like with Caleb in the mix some day.

For now, we are just sticking with kisses and hugs. Occasionally the boys will still try to show Caleb a toy, but they seem to have given up since Caleb hasn’t shown any interest yet. Elias did say he wants to hold Caleb standing up…we’ll have to wait a while on that one.

Here is Simon “holding” Caleb:

20151203_095209And Elias giving a kiss:

20151203_122000This morning Elias and Simon were having fun with their Christmas hats. Simon had a tuba Christmas hat, and Elias had a Santa hat. They begged for me to let Caleb join the fun, so we had a mini photo session. Here are just two of the many shots.

20151204_083014 20151204_082858I was glad to finally get a good picture of the three brothers together, and they were very proud of their Christmas hats. It’s fun having three boys!

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