Christmas Tree Hunt 2015

Today we braved the weather and went out the Christmas Tree Farm to find our Christmas Tree. The boys were super excited for this adventure, otherwise (to tell you the truth) I may have backed out of the whole thing despite my Oregonian blood. Elias knew what to expect, but Simon was actually a bit disappointed when he found out that the farm consisted mostly of trees. Luckily the farm did have a few animals for him to see. (Cows and sheep).

Elias quickly found our tree. We did look around a bit more after he found the one he wanted, but we agreed that his tree was a good one. We posed in front of it for our annual family Christmas tree picture. Caleb was there. He is just sleeping warm in the wrap and didn’t show his face for the picture.

20151205_132737Nathan cut down our tree, and had an easier time of it because he didn’t have to lay down in the mud. The farm had cut a bunch of trees up from the ground to make them smaller. Our tree is about 7 and a half feet tall, but it was about three feet up from the ground before we cut it.


After we got our tree, we looked for a tree to bring for Nana. Simon found Nana’s tree. Then we all hurried to the van, got out of our muddy clothes, and headed home for lunch and nap time.

Despite the rain and mud it was a fun outing for us!

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