Easter Celebrations

Easter season is 50 days, but we kicked off the celebrations the day before Easter this year at the Smith home.

As an Easter tradition last year we started giving the boys Easter baskets and doing an egg hunt the day before Easter in our household. That way we get to enjoy the two things without feeling rushed, and on Easter day we can be focused on what really matters: the resurrection.

On Saturday during quiet time Nathan and I hid the eggs and Easter baskets. The boys excitedly came downstairs ready to hunt! They each got to find 18 eggs. It was pretty fun since they were very fair about it. They’d find one together and take turns on who got to put it in their basket. They did find a few on their own too. Here they are checking out their loot afterwards: temporary tattoos, self inking stamps, chocolate bunnies, and a few dollar bills.

20160326_144303 20160326_144419Later in the evening we dyed Easter eggs. Unfortunately I have regrets about the experience because they were splashing dye water/vinegar solution everywhere and I got a bit grumpy. I wish I could have been a little bit more relaxed about the whole thing. They were still proud of their eggs, though, at the end.

20160326_185749On Sunday morning Nathan had to be at church super early since he played in the bell choir. I was at home trying to get everyone looking presentable (and staying that way). We did well, though, and I even had time to snap a few pictures of the boys in their Easter best.

20160327_084838We read the resurrection story and headed off to church. When we got there, the boys got to participate in an egg hunt.

20160327_093455The service was joy filled as it should be.

Here are Nathan and Caleb at church:


We headed home for a quiet dinner with Nana. She brought some more eggs with her so Elias got to dye again!

20160327_154425It was a wonderful time with church family and blood family to celebrate the resurrection!

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