The Age of the Bib

With my first two sons, we eventually reached a time when they had to wear a bib full time because of the amount of drool leaving their bodies prior to getting teeth.

Unfortunately, I have to say that Caleb has arrived at the age of the bib. The past few days he has been soaking through shirt after shirt. It’s time to just move on to letting the bibs catch most of it. I say “unfortunately” because I can’t believe he is growing up so fast! Isn’t he supposed to be the infant in arms? The tiny baby? The one who will stay small forever?

He tried out his first bibs today.

20160313_181057As you can see from the picture above, he was able to get it off pretty easily. The velcro is worn out from two prior boys usage. He took them off and felt them, put them in his mouth, and stared at them. Sometimes he got them so that they lay directly over his face and he couldn’t get them off. Then his little arms and legs would be kicking around, but he waited pretty patiently for someone to remove the bib and put it back on correctly. Eventually, though, he always discarded it.

20160313_181030I don’t blame the little guy. I wouldn’t want to wear one of those full time either. But it is so much easier to change a bib than to change a onesie!

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