Caleb’s 6 month Portraits

With Elias and Simon we got portraits taken very often when they were little. With Caleb we got some taken for Christmas cards when he was a few weeks old and now he is six and a half months with nothing in between. I know I have plenty of photos of him anyway, but I thought I would actually take some time to get professional portraits done. We had $21 in the budget for it, and luckily with a JC Penney portrait membership that was doable.

I did order $23.90 worth of portrait prints (I cheated a couple of dollars), but they shared the whole album with me in a low resolution. I thought I’d put them on the blog. I’ll never be able to print them with the low resolution, but I’ll still be able to look at them later!

During Caleb’s first professional photo shoot back in December he screamed the whole time. He is quite a happy boy most of the time these days so I was optimistic we’d get some pretty happy photos.

We started out the same way we did before, though….

caleb 1With some comforting from Mommy, a great photographer, and some change in props and lighting we got him warmed up.

caleb 13caleb 10 caleb 11 caleb 12He even got to pretend he was in the bath!

caleb 2Then since he was doing well we changed the background and put on an outfit.

caleb 3 caleb 4 caleb 5 caleb 6 caleb 7This one is my favorite:

caleb 8At the end of the session she had me take one with Caleb.

caleb 9He’s growing up so fast! I’m glad we could capture these little rolls and chubby cheeks!

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