The Sickies

About a week ago Caleb and I both felt like we had colds. A few days later, Simon came down with a fever. Yesterday, Elias had a fever of 102.7 and Simon had a bad cough and almost completely lost his voice. What do you do when you have a bunch of sickies? Stay home and rest!

Unfortunately, we are missing fun family time with cousins, but the boys needed the rest. I couldn’t believe I got them both laying down at the same time for more than five minutes. I put a movie on so I could get them to sit still. Usually they move around a lot even while watching movies, but yesterday they must really have felt awful!

20160629_083811 After lunch they perked up a bit, but with fevers, I still wanted them doing some quiet. I pulled something out of my closet I had been saving for just such a time. They were both very excited to be scientists. Geologists to be more specific!

20160628_105257At quiet time Elias said he wanted to lay down, which I don’t think has ever happened before. I came back to check on him after feeding Caleb and look what I found:

20160629_135513Then I went to check on the other boys:

20160629_143241 20160629_143310This was the first time ever that all three boys had been asleep at the same time (during the day). I knew if I tried to sleep too I would jinx it so instead I just lay on the bed and rested and thought about how lucky I was. (Not that I want them to be sick….but it did have one positive side effect).

Today the boys were still sick so we had another rest day. Toward the end of the afternoon they really started acting more themselves so hopefully we’ll be back on track tomorrow for some fun with family!

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