Nathan’s Birthday

I got a bit behind on writing for the blog. We had Nathan’s birthday last weekend and we had a blast. The boys baked a cake for Nathan. Elias decided on the flavor: white layer cake with chocolate fudge in the middle and caramel frosting on the outside. They enjoyed the entire process of making the cake, and were very excited to show their daddy when he got home from work. We all hid in the closet and jumped out at him and yelled surprise when he walked in the door.

20160715_153758We were able to fit in dinner and birthday cake after swimming and before a Hops game. We had a busy day! We sang a rowdy version of “Happy Birthday.” I think I told the boys to make a silly face for this pic, but only Simon complied by the time I snapped the picture.

20160715_174319When we arrived at the Hops game it was Disney night. The boys got to get their picture taken with two of their favorite princesses.

20160715_184921I had to endure 9 days of “older woman” jokes between my and Nathan’s birthdays. Now Nathan is 32 just like me.




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