Simon’s First Day of Preschool

Simon had his first official day of preschool today. Last week he got to attend his open house and see his classroom/meet his teacher, but today he actually did the real thing. He’s been so proud and excited.

Here are his pics:

20160913_083101 20160913_083217He looks so grown up!

Simon completed his first “homework” to tell his teacher about himself. He chose to draw his family, a zigzag, a tiger, two baseball bats, a butterfly, and write his name. See if you can find them all!

20160913_083718As we were loading his school bag, he told me that he really wanted to bring the book “Please, Mr. Panda” because he wanted Mrs. Lydon to teach him how to read it. This kid has got some high expectations for school!

When we arrived at school, and I tried to hold his hand as we walked in the parking lot, he said to me, “Mom! I can’t hold your hand! I’m holding my school bag.” I may have inwardly shed a few tears at that statement, but I’m thrilled that he is feeling so confident and excited.

When we got to his classroom, Simon told his teacher, “My mom is leaving today!” He did give me the kiss I requested before I left, but I can take a hint! He is growing up too fast!

It sounds like everything went well for him during his first day.

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2 Responses to Simon’s First Day of Preschool

  1. Linda says:

    And so it begins for Simon too! Life is just going by so fast for these Smith boys. I can’t believe how time is zipping by!

  2. janet says:

    I really love the look in his eye in the second picture. Simon is one of those kids who will take charge and change the world. (Elias will do it in a quieter way.)

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