Tough Adjustments

It’s been a tough week trying to get used to new routines now that school has started. I’ve got two boys at two different schools, and five hours a week I get one on one time with this little goober:

20160913_091637The transition into the new way of things has been a bit rocky for all three boys and for me. Everyone is feeling extra tired. Caleb’s naps are thrown out the window. We have less time together now that Elias is in school all day. And today, everyone is starting to show signs of a cold. Uh Oh!

But in the midst of it all I’ve gotten to play Monopoly with Elias (watch out, he’s cutthroat!), we’ve gone on family walks, watched some Dodger baseball together, and had family meals every night. They’re not all hard times.

But if my kids or I seem out of sorts in the next few days/weeks until we are back in a groove…you’ll know why!


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  1. janet says:

    In the last couple weeks Caleb has changed so much. He doesn’t look like a baby any longer…He seems to have moved to the next stage.
    Thanks to you and to Nathan for sharing your children with so many of us. They are a treat to watch.

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