Caleb Turns 1!!!!

My baby turned one year old on Friday. I was feeling very sentimental. It is very bittersweet. He is growing so fast! However, Elias said something at dinner today about wishing Caleb was a newborn again, and although I miss it, I realized I don’t wish he was a newborn. I am really enjoying him right now…just how he is. He fills our lives with joy every day.

Caleb’s birthday morning started out with breakfast and balloons. Then we showered him with a few presents. He liked the wrapping paper and tissue paper more than anything else, but liked his gifts too. We got him a cross for his room and some puffs to snack on. Here he is exploring a new piggy bank toy.

20161125_084412Elias and Simon put on a puppet show for Caleb with his new puppets.

20161125_085754And Caleb also really enjoyed his new toy from Uncle Greg and Auntie Shaina. He can’t walk on his own, but he can walk around if he is holding on to his new walker!

20161125_090855In the afternoon we just took it easy and played at home. We also got to Skype with Auntie Shaina and Uncle Greg. Then, we met cousins at Chang’s Mongolian Grill for a birthday meal.

20161125_181543We came home for more presents and birthday cake.

20161125_19001720161125_190404Elias and Simon helped me bake a cake in the afternoon, and then they decorated it. Caleb was very excited to be sung to.

20161125_192555Then was the best part. Caleb got to try is first chocolate! (And almost his first sugar). At first he looked a bit unbelieving.

20161125_192746Then he happily tried it.

20161125_192847I’m not sure what happened while I was serving everyone else…but the meal did not end happy. It’s his birthday. He can cry if he wants to.

20161125_193247After dinner we took a family picture with Nana.

20161126_183337I think he had a great first birthday!


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2 Responses to Caleb Turns 1!!!!

  1. janet says:

    Maybe he was overcome with tears of joy for the taste of chocolate! More likely he was just tired. He always seems to be such a happy child.

  2. Renee says:

    Awe such fun!! Happy birthday Caleb!

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