Simon – 4 Years Old

Simon turned four years old today. We celebrated a bit with family over the weekend, and again today  with just the five of us on his big day.

Over the weekend we had a big February birthday bash with all of the Bartle boys. Baba, James and Simon all have birthdays within a week of each other. We went out to Red Robin for a family meal, then went back to my parents’ house for some dessert and presents.

Simon was excited to open this baseball helmet from Ama and Baba.

Birthday cupcakes were a hit!

The boys also had a blast getting in their usual Uncle Scott wrestling session.

This morning Simon woke up and immediately remembered some garden tools my parents had given him. It was still pitch black outside, and he wanted to go out and use them. I made him wait until the sun came up. I let him try to tend to this area under our Japanese Maple that got completely overgrown with weeds and grass last year when I couldn’t properly tend to it.

Simon got to go to his soccer class, then I took him to go pick out a cake. After getting Elias from school, the boys got to play outside all afternoon until Nathan got home from work. They loved riding their bikes. Simon is proud to ride his green bike now instead of the tricycle.

After Daddy got home we went inside and talked with Uncle Greg and Auntie Shaina on the phone. Then Simon got to open some presents from Mommy and Daddy. We got him a sleeping bag, two books on cd, a small wooden treasure box to keep his rocks, and a monster truck toy. He was a happy boy.

Finally after dinner (Simon chose mac and cheese), we got to eat his chosen birthday cake. A chocolate monster!

It’s been a big year for Simon. In his 3’s he was potty trained, stopped using a binky, started preschool, began swimming lessons, soccer, and basketball classes, joined AWANA, and much much more. We are so proud of the thoughtful and joyful little boy he is, and while I sometimes am driven to my wits end by his antics, I wouldn’t change a thing about him. Happy Birthday, Simon!

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