T-Ball 2017

After a great experience with Reedville t-ball last year, we were excited to sign up for another baseball season this spring. This year is special because it is probably the only year ever that we’ll have two boys on the same team. To make it even better, Nathan got roped into coaching the team so Elias, Simon, and Nathan are all involved.

We are the maroon team this year, and our team name is the “Giraffes.” Elias is number 8 (he’s grown a lot – last year he was number 1, the smallest on the team), and Simon is number 4.

On Saturday was the jamboree, and the team had their first two games. The weather was perfect for baseball. They warmed up with some catch, and then the games began.

Simon, who just wants to be like his big brother had his first at bat:

He was excited to run super fast and make it home.

In t-ball, the kids all get equal playing time, and they all get to try each position. Elias got to try pitcher, catcher, first base, third base, and outfield positions during the jamboree. Here he is making a play at first base:

And his first at bat:

Caleb was along for the ride. He did really well sitting and watching from the stroller. If I let him out, all he wants to do is run on the field so he pretty much gets trapped in there for the duration of the game. Afterward, I let him out and he tried to climb on the bench like his brothers.

Earlier this evening we had another game. Unfortunately it was raining. It never rained hard, but it was definitely a heavy mist, which made everything muddy and dirty and wet. 11 of our 12 players showed up, though, and we still had fun even though the other team was a no show. Each of our players got to bat twice before we headed home. Caleb was a hard core fan and braved the mists to watch.

Elias connected bat to ball well, and I even got one of them on camera:

Simon got in some good batting practice too!

We are looking forward to the rest of the season!


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