Welcoming the Sun!

This week I feel like we’ve finally welcomed the sun back to our home. The weather was warm (almost too warm – on Monday evening Elias’ bedroom was 87 degrees when he was trying to fall asleep). But enough complaining – we are so happy to have some warm weather and beautiful blue skies.

This year we decided to splurge on a bigger kiddie-pool because the boys are getting a bit bigger. It just fits on our deck, and we were able to fill it for the first time this week. The water warmed in the sun all day while Elias was at school, and when we got home from pick-up, the boys jumped in!

We invited some of our neighbors to come swim on that first day as well. Caleb opened the air vent and partially deflated the pool. Luckily, my parents were on the way to costco anyway, and came to save us with their air pump. (Ours only works in the car so I couldn’t reinflate it without dumping all the water).

Since there were so many people in the pool, Caleb mostly just stood in the water and watched, taking it all in.

After swimming, I got out the popsicles.  Caleb reached into the box and grabbed one, and was so excited when I let him keep it. He ate his first ever popsicle, and really enjoyed it. He looked so proud with every taste.

The next day it was a bit cooler, and Elias was at a friend’s house for a play date after school. Simon and Caleb still got in the pool, though, and since there were only the two of them, Caleb was able to get in a lot more play. He “dove” for rings and torpedoes. He splashed. He followed Simon around to make a whirlpool. It was great fun!

I’m sure we’ll have many more backyard pool days to come this summer, but the first ones always seem special. Bring on summer!

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