Here We Go, Hops!

Each summer since 2013 when the Hops came to Hillsboro, we’ve enjoyed at least a few games as a family. Sometimes with friends too! This year is no different. We’ve been to three games this summer so far. Elias was thrilled to be on the big screen at one of the games, and the boys got to run the bases after the game one evening.

This year we were lucky enough to be there for Star Wars Night. Simon had fallen asleep on the way to the stadium and missed out on the first few pictures while waking up in my arms, but when he saw Darth Vader it was like the “awake” switch flipped on in his brain and he wouldn’t miss meeting him for anything.

Caleb, unfortunately, was scared of the characters, and hugged Daddy with a death grip. He recovered just fine, though, and tried his first ice cream cone. We had tried feeding him ice cream in a dish many times and he never seemed to be into it. However, when he saw the cone he was more than excited. He said “mmmmm” after every single lick.

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