Reedville Baseball Jamboree 2019

Elias and Simon participated in another baseball jamboree this morning/afternoon. The jamboree always kicks off their season. We had four baseball games back to back (two for each of the boys). To top it all off, they both had picture day and Nathan is coaching Simon’s team to boot! It made for a fun filled morning!

Elias got to play 3rd base, left field, catcher, right field, and first base. He got three hits for three at bats including one double! He had a lot of fun with his team this morning. Next year he’ll move on to competitive level. This is his final year in recreational leagues.

Simon is in his third year of t-ball, and it is his last year before moving up to the rookie level. He’s really starting to understand the game. Today Simon played catcher, pitcher, and right field. He also got a hit off of the coach pitch every time he was at bat. Once he hit it back at Nathan so hard that Nathan couldn’t get out of the way in time!

Caleb was a trooper the whole morning. He watched four baseball games and missed his nap. He ate a lot of snacks, tagged along with the big kids, and got to read some books with Nana. Grandpa and Nana both came to cheer the boys on during their games.

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