My son: superhero

My son is a super hero. I am pretty sure that is objectively true and that I am not displaying any parental bias or hyperbole here. To prove my point, I’ll provide three four anecdotes:

  • Unicode hero: We let Elias type on the computer sometimes, and we save the results in a file called “Elias’ Wisdom.” Well today he was able to type non-ascii characters: “,./​bcv ®†©tr µ≤iopnbm v˜∫µj,¨hm ngbfvcnm≤≤≥ . µ102.You try to type those.
  • Anatomy hero: Elias now knows a nose. He also knows that when pinched, the nose can produce nasal speech, to the delight of all.
  • Calisthenics hero: Today at church one of our fellow congregants squatted down to say hi to Eli. My son promptly imitated the squat posture, and repeated the maneuver several times.
  • Signing hero: Elias can now indicate when he wants more through a hand signal. It is employed early and often.

Yup, that’s my boy.

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2 Responses to My son: superhero

  1. janet Roth says:

    Surprised that you are only now realizing that Elias is a super hero. Most of us in the parish have known this for a year……. just love you being the proud papa! and K. the proud mama, of course!!!!

  2. Ken Fletcher says:

    Hey Nathan, once upon a time you became a superhero to me… still are! Good to see that God has now provided one for you too! Love you Brother!

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