Happy Mother’s Day

Our Mother's Day outing to Saturday Market.

My Mom is a real special lady. I know lots of people probably think their Mom is the best. But I can truly say that my Mom is the best Mom for me. I never would have admitted this when I was in high school, and maybe not in college either…but she is almost always right. Growing up, she knew what was best for me before I ever did. (Especially when it came to where I went to college).

My mom is super fun to be around when there is good news to tell. Her eyes get wide, her smile gets large, and her whole body just breathes excitement. She’s one of the first people I think of when I have good news just because I know I’ll get a good reaction.

I think every year that’s gone by, I’ve appreciated my Mom more and more. I guess that’s probably the natural way of things, but it seems unfair to her. Mostly, it took me having my own child to really see how much my Mom did for me growing up, and how much she still does now. My Mom is my advice giver, my confidante, my friend. She’s a wonderful Grandma too. Elias will have so many fun memories of quality time he spent with his Grandma. She makes both him and me feel special and loved and safe.

My Mom is an inspiration. Not only did she choose to make her body healthy and lose a lot of weight, but she’s kept it off for years through hard work and determination.

There is so much more I could say, but I’ll just get down to what I really want to say:

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you. You are the best Mom for me.

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  1. Linda says:

    Thanks Kimberly! Your words make me so happy. I always am so proud to see your wonderful mothering skills and your bountiful amounts of patience with Elias, because then I feel like I helped to make you that way. (Even though I didn’t have as much patience as you!) I am so proud to be your mom and you make me so happy! Happy
    Mother’s Day to you too! Love, Mom

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