Pumpkin Carving!

After choosing three prize pumpkins at the pumpkin patch on Saturday, we wanted to be sure to carve them soon! Last night we had planned to carve them, but had to change plans…so tonight it was! I had naively assumed that pumpkin carving would be a family activity…but it took way longer than anticipated, and Elias lost interest very quickly since he was not allowed to use any sharp objects. I think he still got some fun out of it, but mostly I just felt bad that he was playing by himself while Nathan and I carved at the table. The other disappointment was that I somehow picked pumpkinzilla from the pumpkin patch. This pumpkin had the hardest shell/skin Nathan or I had ever seen. It made carving very difficult, time consuming, and quite frankly, painful. Luckily it all turned out ok. Elias ended up with a slightly later bed time, but we ended up with two carved pumpkins (the third will have to wait for another day). Here is our pumpkin carving in pictures:

The set-up: Elias all ready in his chair to help carve pumpkins!

Elias coloring the back of his pumpkin while Mommy and Daddy cut open the tops of theirs. (Actually…to be fair…Nathan cut open both tops. Pumpkinzilla was too difficult for me.)

Elias is amused by Nathan who is scooping pumpkin innards:

Elias helps scoop pumpkin innards. He’s very serious about it.

Excited boy!

Nathan’s Pumpkin: The Glider. Apparently it’s a hacker symbol of some sort. You probably either already know more than me, or know nothing about it…ask Nathan if you want to know more.

My pumpkin: The Kitty. I asked Elias what he wanted me to carve and he chose a cat. I carved this kitty sitting on a pumpkin.

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