Hermione’s Teeth Adventure

Hermione with her bandage….she is trying to decide if she wants to eat or not. She mostly has just sat in front of her food and water but not eaten much. They say her appetite should return to normal tomorrow.

The first time a veterinarian told me about the cleaning of my cat’s teeth, the look on my face must have been quite amusing. Really? Put a cat under anesthesia? For a teeth cleaning?

But now four years later, I have been told every year that Hermione just is unlucky. She has bad teeth. It did look pretty bad to me. I started asking around about it. I asked other vets I knew personally who all recommended it. I asked friends who had actually had their pets’ teeth cleaned. I read about diseases that cats can get from unhealthy teeth. So Nathan and I did what I thought we’d never do. We made an appointment to get Hermione’s teeth cleaned. (Olive is a lucky cat…she doesn’t need it).

I was quite nervous to have her put under, but everyone assured me that it would all be fine. I woke Elias up early, put a sweatshirt and a raincoat over his pajamas, and took him and Hermione out in the rain to drop her off for her appointment.

I have to admit that although I have been up early every morning since Elias was born (sometimes way too early!), I don’t know that I’ve actually been out of the house driving around in the early morning at all over the last two years. When I worked over the summer I had to be out of the house very early, but it was light then… driving around on a pitch black stormy morning made the whole ordeal seem more dramatic.

Elias and I dropped Hermione off at the vet. I told him she had to go to the doctor. When we left without her, he started crying quite hard and said, “I love Hermione.” It was both extremely sad and extremely cute at the same time. He was saying “Hermione doctor” all day.

We got to pick Hermione up around 5:00. She seems a bit tired/a bit out of it…but what can you expect for anesthesia? She pretty much sailed through…at least it looks that way now. It was expensive and a big ordeal for just a teeth cleaning…but if it prolongs her life or prevents disease then it was worth it.

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