Sibling Talk

The first day that Nathan went back to work after Simon was born…and therefore the first day I was alone with both boys….I merely mentioned to Elias that I might go shower soon, and I might bring Simon with me, and I would let him watch any movie he wanted while that was happening. Cue major meltdown. I don’t know if Elias didn’t like the idea of Simon occupying the physical space between me and himself. Or if he was jealous that Simon got to be in the bathroom with me. Or if he was just otherwise emotional because his Daddy was absent. Needless to say…it was very difficult to get a shower in that day.

Fast forward to today (about two months later) and you’ll see we’ve come a long way. I usually get in my morning routine before Elias wakes up. However, this morning, everyone decided to wake up early so I was unable to do so. I put Simon in the bouncer so I could just peek out and check on him, and told Elias that I was going to go get clean. He came in the bathroom as well. I was not looking forward to the shower….trying to shower in peace with a two year old and a three month old just outside the tub didn’t sound very fun. But I was in for a surprise.

Simon was sitting in his bouncer, happy as usual…but Elias just started talking to him and comforting him. He said, “Mommy will be done soon, Simon.” and “Hi Simon are you kicking your legs so fast, Simon?” and “Look at your toys Simon. You have one, two, three of them!” and “Look at this turtle. It’s green and orange.” Elias just went on and on and on talking to his little brother. I actually stayed in the shower a bit longer than usual…silent….just listening to Elias talk to Simon. It was so cute, my heart nearly melted on the spot.

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