Simon – 3 months

3 months Simon was three months old yesterday. He “talks” up a storm at home, and is generally very happy. I can imagine him being the life of the party some day….sort of like his Daddy. Simon is becoming more and more interested in his big brother every day. He watches Elias’ every move, and sometimes tries to turn his head even upside down to follow Elias across the room. He can hold his own head up, and has recently started sucking on his fists. If he can get something else into his mouth (his bib, my fingers, etc.) he will suck on that as well. He can grasp rattles and other objects if I place them in his hand, and also attempts to bring those to his mouth, although, is often not successful.

3 months 23 months has gone by so quickly. Simon has already grown and changed so much. I feel like I am more on top of things…I have recovered from the shock of having a child faster than I did the first time. So I also feel like I am taking in more of Simon as a baby. I am enjoying it more. At the same time, though, since there are two of them….I am not able to focus as much attention on Simon. I be sure to give him focused attention each day, but a lot of the time he ends up just laying on his tummy or back and watching Elias and I play…or sitting in the bouncer watching me make lunch, etc. I can’t believe it’s already been a quarter of a year.

rollIn other news, Simon rolled over from front to back today for the first time. I guess he thought he’d start out his fourth month of life with a bang! I put Simon on his tummy on the floor where he could watch Elias and I play catch. He was happy for a few minutes, but then as usual started to let me know he did not appreciate being flat on his tummy. I looked over at him, and saw that he was pushing himself onto his side…then he just rolled over. I put him back on his tummy to see if he would do it again. He rolled onto his side many times, but did not successfully roll onto his back again. Only time will tell if this was a fluke, or if he really is going to start rolling over consistently now! The picture at the right was taken shortly after he rolled over…he was a bit surprised to be on his back!

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