We’ve made a huge mistake

Kimberly and I had been wanting to do some work on the baby’s room for quite some time. However, due to crazy schedules, we had not been able to dedicate much time. Until today. The stars finally aligned, and we were both at home all day with nothing to do other than work on baby stuff.

Clean StorageSo we started the day with a simple goal: reorganize our storage space. Why? Well, we are in the process of converting our office into the nursery, and there is some furniture in there (namely bookshelves) which needs to be moved out. The storage was where those bookshelves need to go, so we had to get that cleaned up some.

Mission accomplished! We successfully cleaned out the storage. Of course to do that we had to make a huge mess of our deck and living room. And once the living room was messy, it had to get messier, since we had to re-organize the contents of some large rubber totes which were in the storage. I also had to clean out my old file cabinet (huge pile of paper).

Back in the office, we had to clean off the shelves for moving, but not before sifting through the books, deciding which ones we could live without. Then we had a wild idea to move the skinny bookshelf and sewing machine into the bedroom, meaning we had to split the books up between inside and outside (big process).

"Living" roomNext, we decided that we needed to get a different computer desk, since our new location for the computer (crammed in the corner of the dining room) would not accommodate our current desk. After consulting the internet, Ikea (of course) had the best options on tiny desks, so we drove out there. There was a huge backup on the freeways because of work on the I-205 bridge, so we ended up taking surface streets (longer drive in the hot weather). So finally we got back around 6:00pm, just in time to go to a friend’s graduation party. Needless to say, this excursion ate up all of the time we had previously dedicated to cleanup.

Olive leaps the paper pileAs you can see, our house is a total disaster. Actually, you can’t really see, because it is actually worse than when we took these photos. The disorderly state of affairs in our home made the cats just a bit crazier. And, looking upon the higher state of entropy we had unleashed, we both yelled “serenity now!” before popping some brownies in the oven. Looks like this one day project will be taking up the entire weekend. Oh well, it’s for the baby, so it is worth the extra effort.

By the way, if you get the reference in the title, please comment on this post, and you’ll win a prize.

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7 Responses to We’ve made a huge mistake

  1. Weston Ruter says:

    Arrested Development?

  2. Greg says:

    Anything to do with arrested development?

  3. Linda says:

    Don’t know the reference but I feel for you. I know what it’s like to start a project and have it turn into another bigger one!

  4. Nathan says:

    Weston, you win. Come by my place for a brownie.

  5. J says:

    North of 26

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