The Most Recent Adventures of Elias

Elias loves his Kick and Crawl Gym

Elias has been having lots of firsts and lots of fun adventures recently. We decided that it was time to get out the “Kick and Crawl Gym” that we were given as a shower gift from a friend at church. He enjoys watching the mobile so much that we thought he would enjoy this too. We were right! The Kick and Crawl is especially cool because he can kick a beach ball-like thing that hangs or reach for toys with his hands. Elias loves it! He “talks” so much when he is playing there. Lots of smiles too! He even smiled at himself in the mirror on one of the toys. It is also great because we can do tummy time with this as well. We are also excited for when he will be able to crawl through it as a tunnel!

First Snow

This week we also had our first snow of the season. A tiny little bit stuck to the ground so I bundled Elias in a nice warm sweater and blanket and took him out to experience it. The sweater was knitted just for Elias by someone at our church. It is amazing work and it fits well! After putting on the sweater, I set off with Elias. We just went for a walk around the neighborhood, and I’m not sure how much snow Elias actually saw from his stroller, but that wasn’t the point. He enjoyed hearing the crunching sound that the stroller made when it was pushed over the snow on the bridge. I am hoping to take Elias up to Mt. Hood sometime this winter in his little snowsuit to actually get out and sit in the snow. Or maybe we will be lucky and have a little more around here….

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and we decided to have a mini photo shoot because yesterday also marked the day that Elias was 8 weeks old! It is so hard to believe how much he has developed already since he was born. It is amazing how much I love him! Anyway, I’ve posted some of the photos from our photo shoot below.

Elias and Mommy

Family Photo

Happy to see Daddy

Cute Thanksgiving outfit from Grandma Bartle

And here is how you know you have taken too many photos of your baby……..

No more photos!

After our photo shoot, I made a key lime pie and we headed off to my Aunt and Uncle’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. Everything tasted wonderful and we had a great evening!

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  1. janet Roth says:

    I Love Elias’s shirt. In Children’s Chapel when we talk about what we are thankful for, the first thing is usually “I’m thankful for my mommy and my daddy.” — and when a child is too young to speak that is what we usually say to the other children… “NN is probably thankful for ….)

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