Elias is two months old today! He had his doctor appointment this morning. Here are his stats:

Weight: 13.0 pounds, 81 percentile

Height: 24.1 inches, 88 percentile

In general she said he is developmentally and physically and healthy boy!

Elias also got his first shots today. 🙁 He had three in the leg and one orally. He cried a lot but the nurse said that he actually did well compared to other babies. He even smiled at me 15 minutes after the shots while I was putting him in the car seat. I guess he is not scarred for life or anything.

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2 Responses to Statistics

  1. Linda says:

    Elias is such a happy baby with a sweet personality! He is doing just great on all of his milestones. (And so cute too!)

  2. janet Roth says:

    I’m glad that the doctor confirmed what the rest of us knew …. that you have one healthy, intelligent, blissful (and bliss -giving) son ! And he has practically perfect parents….

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