A Fun Saturday

Here we are next to our tree before Nathan cut it down.

Today we had a fun day full of a couple more firsts for Elias. We decided to go Christmas Tree Hunting. We bundled up since it was freezing and went off to Furrow tree farm to cut our tree. Nate and I had a little miscommunication for awhile. First, I accused him of just wanting to pick the first tree we saw because he wanted to get home and watch the civil war game. We did find one we liked and Nate cut it down for us. Then when we were picking out a tree for his mom, I found one I liked and he kept pointing out other trees and I told him to quit looking for more trees. Poor Nate. Oh well. We now have an excellent tree in our house and Nate’s mom also has a beautiful tree! Then when we were driving Nate’s mom’s tree to her house, one of the ropes on top of the car holding the tree in place was vibrating in the wind and causing a very loud sound. We were cracking up because it reminded us of  “Little Miss Sunshine” when the car horn keeps honking on the freeway. Anyway, Elias had a fun time I think…he stayed cozy in the bjorn and slept most of the time.

Elias was warm, cozy, and content.

After getting the tree to Nate’s mom’s house, we went to watch the civil war game. Since my family are not much of football fans, Nathan and Kristy did the most cheering. We had Elias in his ducks outfit from Auntie Kristy. At one point, Uncle Scott put his beavers baseball cap on Elias and Elias cried, though to Scott’s credit, I think it was the hat that Elias didn’t like….not the team it represented. Now the ducks are on to the National Championship and Nathan is happy.

Now we are at home and are about to decorate our tree!

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