Poor Elias is sick for the first time in his life. He has a pretty bad cough and had a fever yesterday. He seems to be eating normally and sleeping pretty well so we are thankful for that. He is just a little grumpier than normal with little glazed eyes and a bewildered look on his face when he does an especially hard cough. Hopefully he’ll heal soon.

I am sorry for Nathan who decided to stay home with us rather than go to the Bible Tech conference this weekend. He has been trying to go for a couple years now, and has never been able to for one circumstance or another. He was so excited. I was also excited to go to Seattle because I had plans to meet up with a couple friends from college. We better start praying now that Nathan will be able to go next year.

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  1. Weston Ruter says:

    Nathan and I can commiserate together. I hope Elias feels better soon!

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