Literacy for Babies

Elias showing off his new books

Nathan and I went to a workshop for parents about early literacy skills for babies age 0-2. It was free at the Cedar Mill Library, and we thought it was a good idea to go and see what we could learn. It was definitely worth the time. They talked about some of the brain research that has been done as well as six skills we can work on now to help him prepare for reading later in life. Skills such as same and different, learning vocabulary, and more.

Elias playing.

One thing that really struck me was that babies need to have a positive experience reading, not a long experience. As a teacher, I had envisioned myself sitting with my child in a warm cozy chair, sharing a story with him. It didn’t turn out that way. Elias is more interested in feeling, tasting, etc. the books. We had some board books, but I would often read Elias my favorite stories (which aren’t board books) and I’d be worried about him tearing the pages. I believe I was guilty of occasionally creating stressful situations for Elias rather than positive ones. I want Elias to love reading, and there is plenty of time to build his stamina. For now, thirty seconds is a long time for him and that would be fine. Lots of short periods throughout the day is what I will go for. In the mean time, he can chew and play with the books.

Showing off his animals book

As I was browsing at Costco today, I saw many books that will be great for Elias. I got a couple to put in his Easter basket, but I also got some for him to play with today. They were cloth books, and he loves them! Now we can both enjoy reading together.

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