Destined to be a swimmer

Elias’ destiny as a swimmer is founded both in nature and nurture. Let us review his pedigree. Out of his parents, uncles, and aunts (blood-related), all five participated in youth recreational swimming (Summer Splash!). Four of those five went on to be lifeguards and swim instructors. One of his grandparents was formerly in the crazy habit of swimming across the Columbia River. I was born within a couple days of my mother’s last trip to the pool, and Kim was frequently in the water while bearing Elias doing pregnancy fitness. My son was born and bred to swim.

So it was fitting and timely when Kimberly suggested we take Elias for his first trip to the swimming pool. As it happens, we already had swim trunks and a rash guard for him. We stocked up on some swim diapers. We decided that the Connestoga pool was best, since it has a nice warm and shallow “leisure” pool. This afternoon worked the best for our schedule, so we packed up our swim bags and headed off to the pool.

Elias like it pretty well. He never fussed or cried while he was in the water. I think mostly he was in awe of all the new sensory experiences he was having. I instinctively tried to get him to blow bubbles and to float on his back. He proffered the “steamboat” position on his stomach, and he stuck his tongue in the water rather than blowing. A few times he got splashed or partly dunked, but recovered quickly. That’s my boy.

I am sure we’ll be going to the pool many more times in the near future. If his family is any indication, he’ll be a natural swimmer.

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  1. Linda says:

    It’s never too early to start learning to swim! I think Elias looks like he is having a great time in the water.

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