Losing Weight

Daddy's jeans are too large.

Nathan and I are both doing Weight Watchers. I wanted to finish losing some of the baby weight I had gained, and Nathan decided he could lose some weight as well. But mostly, we wanted to learn and practice healthy eating habits since we would like to teach them to our children when the time comes. Since my mom is a receptionist for weight watchers I knew that it was a good way to accomplish losing weight while also learning healthy living habits. We started in the beginning of February.

We have both really had some success. I’ve lost 67 pounds since Elias was born! Although you can’t really say I’ve lost 67 pounds on weight watchers since Elias was 8 of it, and I had a lot of water weight. But after I reached my pre-pregnancy weight, I lost about 25 more pounds. Being a nursing mother has also helped me lose the weight faster. I’ve reached my goal.

I think Elias thought we were crazy, but he had a lot of fun trying to fit into Nathan's jeans.

Nathan is very close to meeting his goal. He’s lost 36 pounds all on weight watchers. Which brings me (finally) to the point of this post. Nathan’s clothes are all way too big. We bought him some new work pants and shirts along with new belts. But his jeans and weekend wear have not yet been replaced. He looks so ridiculous in his old jeans. I thought it would be funny to see if Elias could fit in his jeans with him. Nathan reluctantly agreed to try it. Elias did pretty much fit! It’s time for new jeans…but Nathan wants to wait until he’s reached his goal.

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  1. John Teskey says:

    Nathan, How much waist reduction did you achieve? I need to lose about 2 inches in order to fit comfortably into my stack of 36″ jeans. Is it all a matter of diet or does exercise play a part?

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