Back To Work

This summer I am working as a fourth grade teacher at a summer school program called AASK. It is the same program I have taught at for the past four years. It’s really great as a mom because the program is only five weeks long, and it is mostly half days. I decided that I want to stay home with Elias the rest of the year. I’ll never get these moments back. But this summer school program is a really good way for me to stay in the game teaching-wise and I really believe the program is life changing for lots of the kids.

I was really nervous to leave Elias since I have never been away from him for more than a couple hours since he was born. My dad is taking care of him, and my mom is able to be there some of the time too. Elias loves my parents and is really comfortable staying with them. He is in good hands. But I have to admit I cried a little in the car on the way to work on Monday.

For the most part I really enjoyed myself this week at work. But there were times when I wondered if it was all worth it. I’ve decided I have to be my own person too. I have to pursue my interests and my dreams. How else will I be a good example for Elias?

It was a hard week in that I got behind on lots of things. Especially things like laundry and keeping track of the finances. I’ll probably just have adjusted to having so much less time and then the program will be over. One week down…four to go!

On another note…we got some portraits taken today. Here is one of my favorites:

Our Family

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